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Prop 8 Ads

Why are these videos up here?
    The LGBT Mentoring Project is committed to sharing data that allows LGBT community members and allies to critically examine for themselves the choices during important community events.
    For example, the TV ads produced by the No on 8 and Yes on 8 campaigns below provide insight into the messages both sides aimed at voters. The value of any analysis of the message choices of the two campaigns is surely greater when the reader also has the ability to view the actual ads. The reader can then independently assess the validity of the analysis, and reach similar or different conclusions about the lessons to be learned.

Yes On 8
    The Yes On 8 campaign's ads are viewable at their YouTube channel, at

No On 8

No On 8: Thorons

No On 8: Conversation

No On 8: Same Scare Tactics

No On 8: Unfair

No On 8: O’Connell

No On 8: Ellen

No On 8: No For Latinos

No On 8: Feinstein

No On 8: Internment

No On 8: Parents

No On 8: I’m a Mom

No On 8: Obama

No On 8: Mac vs. PC